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IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles


Cambridge will enhance your home’s curb appeal with a profile that mimics wood. They create a high-end look for your home at a low cost. These roofing products are used on many commercial and residential roofing applications, for new as well as for reroofing.

Cambridge Shingle

These shingles are available in several colours. Even in high humidity, your roof will not get streaks.

This product is heavier than most competitive products and is engineered to withstand the elements for years. They are among the longest lasting roofing shingles you can buy and include the IKO Shingles 15-Year Iron Clad Warranty. Installation of our synthetic underlayments extend lifespans of buildings and roofing systems even further. Request information about our install services.

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IKO Organic Shingles Limited Lifetime Warranty


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