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End Ice Damage with IKO Armourgard

how to prevent roofing leaks caused by ice

ArmourGard™ Stop Roofing Leaks

IKO Armorguard

ArmourGard™ Ice Water Protector is used for waterproofing under new roofing preventing water penetration caused by snow on your roof. Stop leaks from ice dams and wind-driven rain from getting through your new roof. ArmourGard™ is also be used around rooftop structures and as an exterior vapor barrier for foundation walls and basements.

GoldShield™ Ice and Water Protector

Traditional roofing underlayment is organic building felt. GoldShield™ is a rubberized asphalt material with chemistry that makes it extremely flexible for easy installation and superb performance in all weather conditions.

The self-adhesive backing is protected by silicone-treated release paper that is pulled off during the roofing installation. The surface is coated with a unique no-slip film. All nails and fasteners are permanently sealed against water penetration. This is the best underlayment IKO has ever made.

StormShield™ Standard Ice Water Protector

Professional Products

StormShield™ Ice & Water Protector is a self-adhesive backing covered by a sheet which is removed during installation. It consists of a non-woven glass fiber mat permeated and coated with SBS modified bitumen. It is sanded on its top to provide a non-slip surface and is used for waterproofing under shingled roofs to prevent water penetration due to ice or driven rain. It can also be used as an underlayment around roof-top structures.

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